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attracting and using people for sex or to push your face into the spotlight, essentially using someone for your own gain

Getting a woman (or man) to have sex with you and then tossing them to the curb when you've had your fill of them. Like John Mayer most recently did with Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and other major A celebs.

most commonly seen in men/women who are "players" or "rolling stones"
The guy who tells a girl she is beautiful and EVERYTHING else she wants to hear in order to bed her, then splitting up with her immediately after or shortly after which is a major asshole personality flaw known as the John Mayer Complex
by Dear Fall December 31, 2011
Typically a night in which there was alot of drinking or smoking which resulted in you doing something you regret with someone. Like with an etchasketch toy you would draw something and shake it and make it erase
"Dude I got drunk last night and fucked that fat chick"

" Errrrr dude thats an etchasketch night"
by Dear Fall December 28, 2011

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