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A term that is rude and somewhat disturbing visually for the word Vagina. The split opening of the vagina represents the words "axe wounde", as this figure is somewhat similar to the figure of a cut made by an axe.
Girl, can i stick my pork sword up your axe wounde
by Dean Wicks June 22, 2006
a female body thats anbormally large. This persons body image is somewhat disturbing to the male eye.
Fuck chris look at that whale, shes a big huss!
by Dean Wicks July 03, 2006
A dark suprise is the term used for a raunchy version of anal sex. This is done when the female is in the proccess of realising a shit,(turtle knecking), and a male inserts his penis into the anal hole, using the shit as a lube and gives the penis a soft comfort.
Last night i gave some slut a dark suprise, she thought it was christmas!
by Dean Wicks July 04, 2006

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