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3 definitions by Dead Cousin Ted

The most useless catchphrase known to man, much more so than "wocka wocka wocka" or "criminy jim-jim." Yes, some grungabiliacs might think "what the hey" originated in that childfest "The Suite Life of Zakkh and Cody," or in the frequently asked questions (FAQ'z, if you will) on "Weird Al" Yankovic's website, or even in a modest but kinda mediocre "Far Side" cartoon by that King of Cartoons "Gary Larson"--but the truth is that "what the hey" was devised by the Rev. Oral McJorrity to keep Satan's House off Christian tongues. (hell)
"What the hey was in those popsickles?"
"Tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, PCP, ecstasy, and um, toxic waste to give it the color."
"Oh my jeez! That's fudgin' bad!"

-A chat between a McJorrity man and a not-so McJorrity man.
by Dead Cousin Ted January 04, 2008
the boyfriend of Mr. Buttsavage from the Nickelodeon show Doug]
Mr. Bone secretly wanted to get in Mr. Buttsavage's pants, but he knew that Mr. Cocksavage would somehow find out.
by Dead Cousin Ted January 16, 2012
A group of depressed Goth wannabes who have no friends and will go and kill themselves by the year 2012.
1. Conan is...EMO!

2. AFI is emo
by Dead Cousin Ted August 02, 2005