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Furcle (sometimes with the spelling 'Furckle', firkle) is cooking at the lowest temperature attainable from a cooking source, below simmering - usually over a long period of time to extract the full flavour of food, particularly important in cooking Curry (punjabi and Caribbean food)
After frying all the ingredients on high heat, furcle for about an hour.
by Daze Off August 14, 2007
Unnecessary moaning (and sometimes necessary), whining, querulous talk, petty complaining, constant uttering of annoying stuff. Australians called the Brit's "Winging Poms" but it was bloody aweful in Oz with spiders, snakes and croc's....
Yes 'Piss and Moan' is about bitching, but not necessarily in an "annoying" way - some things NEED whining about or nothing actually annoying will ever get changed...such as bribes, cussing, spitting, life..........
by Daze Off April 30, 2009
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