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3 definitions by Daytona Slim

A Luncheon where the participants smoke a "blunt" together that may or may not also feature a meal at some point
"Pay Day's coming up, Bluncheon at my house!"
by Daytona Slim April 11, 2013
Term for a "wake and bake" in the afternoon or evening; Also an expression used to wake up roommates in a streamlined voluntary fashion
(Wakes up & yawns looking at clock noting that its after Noon)
"Blunch Time!"
(Everyone jumps out of bed and dashes to the living room)
by Daytona Slim April 11, 2013
"British" people that were born in the American mid-west, raised Catholic, and got famous as a Pop Icon/Sex Symbol that now "practice" Kabbalah, write childrens' books & speak in the most forced accent you've ever heard
"You can take the girl out of Detroit...but y'all know the rest; hence Madonna British."
by Daytona Slim April 25, 2013