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A term coined by rapper Tech N9ne used at a time of excitement, usually when an attactive woman catches the eye (and vice versa when used by a female, although rare)
Example 1:
Tech N9ne:"I see somethin lookin' good I say Dwam!"

Example 2:
Person 1: "There goes that one girl with the onion booty you gotta just stare"
Person 1&2: (as girl passes) "DWAM!"
by Dayne White Bull April 07, 2010
When one buys a large amount of things on sale or gets an abundance of free stuff, it is considered Indian Christmas
Person 1: "Why the hell did you bring all these shampoo samples home?!?"

Person 2: "Because it's Indian Christmas!!!!"

Person 1: "Since when?"

Person 2: "Since I brought these home! Aaaand I bought all of this manager's special donuts!"

Person 1: (palms own forehead) "Oh God..."
by Dayne White Bull November 24, 2010
Another phrase for Thanksgiving. It is called this because of the many Native American-inspired props that scare little non-native children. Also called this because of all the cheesy "Native American" costumes people wear for plays and other stuff.
Native 1: "Was that person really trying to dress like one of us? We don't even dress like that! We never did!"

Native 2: "Calm down redman! It's Indian Halloween!"
by Dayne White Bull November 24, 2010

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