2 definitions by Davis Riordan

A phrase that can be added to the end of sentences for humor. Much like "that's what she said", but not sexual. It instead can point out some aspect of german life from beer to nazis, but it can apply to anything. It was originally coined in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
"I hate those guys, I wish we could just round them up and kill them, like the germans."

"I drank that beer faster than the germans."
by Davis Riordan August 26, 2009
A female painter that painted mostly flowers usually considered to resemble vaginas. This has led to the slang of a "Georgia O'keeffe" party which is the opposite of a "sausage fest".
one guy "Dude, why were their all those purple vaginas on the walls?"
second guy "Cause it's the Georgia O'keeffe Museum, that's what chicks like to see."
by Davis Riordan August 20, 2009

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