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A name given to the after sex male urine stream. After having sex, with a partner or without, a man's urine stream is completely unpredictable often shooting out in 2 or more directions and often away from the intended target. First coined by the Staff at Davincifox.com
Dude, i didn't realize i had a sex fork goin, and i ended up pissing all over the shower curtain and filling up half of the garbage can at my grandmother's house.....There was Piss evvvvvvvvverywheeeere!!!!
by Davinci Fox December 15, 2009
A distant and more exotic cousin on the standard "Blow Job" where the giving partner gives the receiving partner oral sex with a peppermint, spearmint or any other type menthol candy in thier mouth. First coined by the staff at DavinciFox.com.
Guy 1: yo brosef, my girl is wicked sick and she gave me a blow job with a luden's cough drop in he mouth. Does that count as a mint job?

Guy 2: depends what flavor.

Guy 1: Honey.

Guy 2: Nah brotallica, that's just gross. When I take my girl to Chilis she grabs a handful of mints on the way out, then I catch a serious road minter.

Guy 1: Yeah, with bits of bacon and beef floating around in there cause I know she doesn't floss before going down on you brose'.
by Davinci Fox January 11, 2010
A sexual position where One of the partners gets on all fours and points his anus towards a male partner. The kneeling partner then proceeds to force a shit log out of his asshole. The male partner then tries to hammer the turd back into the receiving partners asshole with his erect penis. This term was first coined by the staff at DavinciFox.com
Instead of going to see "The Hangover" Jan and I just stayed home and played Asshole Whack a Mole.
by Davinci Fox December 12, 2009
When, after holding in a shit for a long time, the tip peaks out and then pops back in just long and far enough to make an impression on the inside of your underwear similar to a bongo marker. First coined by the staff at DavinciFox.com
I had to shit so bad but, my computer took so long loading my Facebook I bingoed
by Davinci Fox December 12, 2009
A blow job fabricated in order to enhance a story or the sexual reputation of the teller.
First coined by the staff at DavinciFox.com
Guy1: Yo, sick time last night...where the hell did Gary go?

Guy2: He left early with some chick, said he got a blow job on the beach after he left.

Guy1: HAAA, no way brah! That's awesome...Wait...wasn't it like 15 degrees out last night??

Guy2: Exactly, we're thinking it was a Ghost Job.
by Davinci Fox December 30, 2009

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