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Refers to Concord California, "Congo"- "concord" we da gorillas in da mist son
reppin tha congo on my nuts
by Davidous Maximous October 23, 2007
either one of the following, thats awesome!
or that sucks!
busome says: i got spanked!
jamous says: thats shitz!
by Davidous Maximous October 23, 2007
yo son that word means your whole crew could bang her. meaning in definitive temrms, that say you wablow one time, then your friend ka chows one time, then your little brother wala wla bing bangs one time, and so on and so forth. Props 2 Mistah Fab
Oakland CatT: wats da buidness cutty bang?
Concord cutty: Bro She a Sr8 up crewcubanger
Oakland CatT: fo shizzlE?
Concord Cutty: werd son, werd
by Davidous Maximous October 23, 2007
it basiclly means, suck my uhhh birth given (how do i out this for the kids...) rights.
simply tell your nearest helper at Home Depot: Hey! Sooka la minkia!
by Davidous Maximous October 23, 2007
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