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A boy who talks big. A great Shinobi though. He has a demon fox spirit sealed within him. He's also annoying, but cool.
"NARUTO!!!" Shouted Iruka Sensei when he did his ninja centerfold.
by David Tran February 28, 2005
An anime about four people who travel around India to kill other demons. One is a buddha to be, the others a monkey king incarnate, one is a demon, and the other was a human turned demon. They seek to destroy the Ultimate evil. (Lots of blood!)
In Gensomaden Saiyuki, Son Goku acts like a brat.
by David Tran February 28, 2005
An RPG game nearly as good as Finaql Fantasy. Seven are being created. So far two are out. THough graphics are slightly bad, the CG Cinema Graphics is good and the story almost rivals that of Final Fantasy.
In Xenosaga, you see monsters breaking people and mechs killing them (or trying)
by David Tran February 28, 2005
A game with no strong story line. Each one has it's own story line and characters. However there is one link to them, love. If notecing all games there is a love story behind them. Final Fantasy is also two movies "Final Fantasy the Spirits Witin" and "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children"
Final Fantasy the movie was a tasteless movie with no solid connection to the game.
by David Tran February 28, 2005

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