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Pimp ass mother fucker from the street, he used to play for the bullets and the blazers, but they were too busy giving chris dudley dome to see what a beast this guy is. Gets alot of T's but whatever. He dont play that shit.
Yo mamas got the need for sheed.
by David Stern December 19, 2004
To totally flip out and start beating on people, especially pasty white guys.
"oh sorry about that"
"RON ARTEST,!"*flips out*
by David Stern December 17, 2004
To get juked, stuffed, jacked, pimp slapped, dunked on, or just plain get owned by Darko Milicic.
"Lebron goes for the layup, OH WHAT A BLOCK! BLOCK AGAIN! ANOTHER BLOCK! Lebron is just gettin Darkowned out there, bill!"
by David Stern December 17, 2004
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