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2 definitions by David Simmonite

An emoticon used arounf the internet similar to kirby except it's a rabbit. Often associated with 1337 speak.

(Y )
('.' )
It ish teh bunnie!

(Y )
by David Simmonite February 13, 2006
Parity, a way of saying that something is similar to a parrot, usually by looks but can be by other means, if something is only slighly parity, or a bit parity is can be referred to as a parity bit.
Guy 1: I got a pet budgie.
Guy 2: Budgies are quite parity.

Guy 1: I need some toilet roll.
Guy 2: That's not parity at all.

Guy 1: I got kicked by my eagle.
Guy 2: Thats a parity bit
by David Simmonite May 09, 2006