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2 definitions by David Rifel

Buddha, the indian prince was born under the name Siddharta Gautama.


Siddharta - a Slovenian rock band. They're the best band Slovenia has ever seen.

Siddharta is a Slovenian band founded in 1995. There are six band members in Siddharta.
I'm buddhist. Buddhism is my religion.


Oh my friggin gosh I love Siddharta they're the best thing since sliced bread!!!
by David Rifel September 22, 2006
Kocka does NOT have ANY connection with kock or cock
it is a CUBE in Slovenian language.

(slovenian language)-kocka = cube-(english language)

it is also a nickname for some people who imitate "The Cube" or just a nickname that comes out of their Family name
example: Primož Kocuvan = kocka
in this case the nickname arrives from his family name.
by David Rifel March 20, 2006