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Taking liberties or assuming airs beyond one's place in a social heirarchy. Assuming equality with someone higher up the social ladder.
Mr. Smith does not allow his subordinates to address him by his first name, it shows uppityness and he will put you in your place with a good tongue lashing.
by David Ramirez May 12, 2007
Sony's first commercially available Walkman tape player based on the TCM-600 tape recorder with the record function omitted and a stereo circuit added. Features include two headphone jacks, and a "hot line" button that allows you to hear your surroundings, through a small mic with the music playing in the backgound. These units were pricey at around $300 US in 1979, and still can command a premium on Ebay for a decent one.
The TPS-L2 Walkman was as popular in 1979 as the iPod is today.
by David Ramirez May 12, 2007
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