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A white male aged 18-25 years from the suburbs who acts hard but is just a poser. Found mostly in colleges, they are identifiable by their fake limps, straight-brimmed baseball hats turned to the side, popped collars and insatiable desire to be black. Should be called out and laughed at anytime the opportunity arises.
Me: Hey look at this Joe Badass in the car next to us.
Murphy: I heard this douche bag's ghetto bass from the goddamn parking lot.
Me: He must get loads of pussy with those plastic Ames rims.
by David Puddy February 26, 2006
short for, Lets Beat (insert team here).

Used when a group of fans or a fan is looking past the current weeks opponent and looking ahead to future games.
LbX equals; Lets beat X, where X is the name of a team.
Lets beat Oklahoma State
Lets beat UTEP
by David Puddy October 30, 2006

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