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A formulaic motion picture, an uninspired, by the book (or by the numbers) "B" movie.
"Montgomery Tully, that phenomenally fast British directing machine, whipped up another espionage programmer with 1964's Master Spy."

"Then, sheriff Brown doubles as an ornery outlaw to capture an ornery outlaw, as well as take the fancy of a preacherwoman and a singer in the B-western programmer "Rogue of the Range" (1937)."

"Dull programmer, redeemed by the title song and 1 powerful sequence"

"They tried a few more oater series starring the likes of Rod Cameron and Kirby Grant, but Universal lost interest in doing cowboy films and opted to phase themselves out of the B western programmer."

"This doesn't come across as a formulaic programmer. It has plenty of tension."

"The set-pieces are nothing overly spectacular or original (the film's concluding piece is right out of CLIFFHANGER), but as a formulaic programmer, you could do a lot worse--call it a good popcorn movie."

"This formulaic programmer, about a young shipbuilder who forgoes a union-protected job (talk about crazy) in a Maryland shipyard for a crack at the nearby U.S. Naval Academy, qualifies loosely as drama."
by David Porta July 07, 2006

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