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Habitat: Cities, swamps and radioactive crap holes in the city.

Backround of word townie: TOWNIE comes from the Greek word Townificus. This of course means pile of shit and of corse we all know townies are formed from piles of shit but also there is another factor in the making of townies

Making of townies: As explained above townies are formed from a pile of shit but there are many others factors in this. For instance townies are born with bling which is formed from compisites of gold, pastic and also radioactive crap. Contrary to belief townies are born with a hole in their ear this is due to them being half women and allowing them to wear fake jewelry(obviously all townies are male those who look like girl hav a hormonal inbalance of eastrogen and thus overpowering the male hormones).
Townies are recognised by there destinctive odor and pungent smell of crap (pungent is actually a real word) They permanantly hav bling on and bling can only be removed by force in which case the townie shrivles into a ball of nothingness. tht bout all i can b botherd to say
by David Nobinson December 30, 2004

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