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2 definitions by David Masson

Reffering to a thick/stupid person or a thick/stupid act. Usually used in Cheltenham in a slightly chavvy accent.
"He's a fucking dimlo prick isn't he?"
(Actually said; 'Ee's a fockin dimlo prak anee?')
by David Masson January 12, 2007
When someone's chat/banter is weak or self indulgent. Usually used by the scapegoat of a group to try and creep their way up the social hierarchy but by using neece banter they have achieved quite the opposite.
'Just hooned 2 snakey B's mate. Lets have a bevvie comp.'
Person 1 'How does he get his calves so defined?'
Person 2 'Barukh Abadi, don't use such neece banter.'
by David Masson January 28, 2008