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An American poetic movement that emerged from the Imagist school of poetry in the 1930's. Influenced by early Modernist poets such as Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, H.D., and William Carlos Williams (who is also considered an Objectivist poet), the Objectivist poets utilized free verse, dense, concentrated language, and imagery. However, the Objectivist school of poetry rejected the Imagist's interest in Classicism and mythology, choosing to focus on ordinary objects and everyday life, a focus reflected in their use small, everyday words. They believed in treating the poem as an object presenting the poet's sincere attempt to look clearly at the world. Objectivist poems ranged in length anywhere from a few lines to, in the case of Louis Zukofky's "A," eight hundred pages.

Prominant Objectivist poets were Louis Zukofsky, George Oppen, Charles Reznikoff, and Carl Rakosi.

The Objectivist school of poetry is in no way related to the pop philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Poem Indicative of Objectivism: "Among the heaps of brick and plaster lies / a girder, still itself among the rubbish." - Charles Reznikoff
by David Magaro December 06, 2006

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