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an otherwise straight person who works for gay rights and is interested in gay history and culture. Kinda the flipside of gay people who beleive homosexuality is an illness. Straight allies are most often found in organizations like Gay-Striaght Alliances and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and often more passionate about gay rights that some gay people. Some are related to homo/bi/trans etc. people, some are freinds, and some are commited to equality and fairness.
a Straight Ally is the "A" in LGBTQA. I'm a Straight Ally
by David Lev July 18, 2006
To be attacked by a giant panda suddenly and randomly by a giant panda (or other large creature), to have something randomly bad occur unexpectedly. From the webcomic PVP
"I totally had a giant panda attack today when the teacher gave us a pop quiz"
by David Lev April 02, 2006
an abbreviation for the comic book Strangers in Paradise, otherwise know as "the comic that made romance comics cool"
SIP ecenters around a love triangle of David Qin, Francine Peters, and Katina Choovanski(aka Katchoo). And then they drop in the rock stars, FBI agents, and lesbian gangsters....
by David Lev April 02, 2006

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