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Process of being elected.
Uses the suffixes -tion, -ariage,
Root word is elect
George Bush was electionariationaged into the presidency.
by David Demola April 24, 2005
1) Making absurd or funny comments in the back of the class, and get a great response.
2) A competition wherein requires hours upon hours of studying
3) To spend hours writing a speech that you know will never be given to anyone outside of the classroom.
4) To be Ghetto
1) Jimmy's comment was so Academic Decathlon, the teacher even laughed.
2) Academic Decathlon can be a PAIN IN THE ASS, but I love the class.
3) I Academic Decathloned for about 6 months now. It sucks that all that work, and building myself up has come to absolutely nothing.
4) AYE bee awl Academic Decathlon awn yoh izznazz ihf yoo downt bak awf.
by David Demola April 24, 2005

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