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2 definitions by David Cash II, Trynidee

1. I got an "A" on my paper, but go figure, This-that got an "A+" on it.

2. Guy1. Look at what that outfit that girl is wearing.
Guy2. She is so This-that.

3. Gosh I am never going to get to be Mr/Mrs. This that at homecomoing.<sigh>

4. I was (insert clever activity here) and I saw (Insert celebrities name here). The way (insert same celebrities name here) looks, talks, and acts is sooooo This-that.
by David Cash II, Trynidee December 08, 2005
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You know, that look with the sunglasses and pursed lips.
1. Don't you think that looks a little too Mibish, I mean really, is it necessary to look at me that way?

2. Trinity and Neo are so Mibish with their glasses, but Morpheous is the ultimate mib, his glasses have no frames.
by David Cash II, Trynidee December 10, 2005
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