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Something that doesn't exist. A lie. A Falsehood told by a braggart. Fabrication of the truth.
Mr. Bizarro said he could fly but you know that's total pidgeon milk.
by David Casey November 30, 2004
Doing many things at once; a form of multi-tasking; the ability to conduct several activities simultaneously.
Lakesha is so octapustic. Look at how she can cut the government cheese, feed the baby, deal the crack and lie to the welfare officer all at the same time.
by David Casey November 30, 2004
A bureaucrat who is really difficult to deal with; an official who will not bend the rules, someone who always does the government's bidding
That government cheese would not let me file a complaint with the court because I spelled Cort ("Court") wrong.
by David Casey November 30, 2004
It means to have a fit, whether it be epileptic or emotional. To forego rationality and opt for spasmodic movements, arms flailing, and utterances of an incoherent nature. Likewise, it is the behavior of people who get upset when they don't understand something.
Ignorant people will chuck a spaz when you pitch your latest theory on anti-matter and the black hold vortices. OR
I need some heroin now and if you don't give it to me I'll chuck a spaz.
by David Casey November 30, 2004
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