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The opposite of a cornshark. Also referred to as mudbutt. Usually comes as a result of swampass from a hot day or not changing your underwear for an extended period of shits. Never poop your pants if you anticipate it being a doop because it will run down ur ass and if ur a guy it will latch onto your leg hair creating a crusty shitprint on your calf. Also roll over the toilet paper several times before whiping because you will end up with runny shit all over your hand and you'll likely forget to wash ur hands when you get up. 5 minutes later you'll notice you have a chunk of food stuck in your teeth and proceed to pick it out with ur doopy shit finger and taste ur own poopsoup.
The doop poop ran down my leg
by David Carpenter May 01, 2008
That: It's kinda like..I mean it is this but it's actually that. 9 times out of 10 I mean..you know..almost sord of like..yeah. It actually might be sord of..but when you put it that way it just kinda is. Soo..yeah I mean..just. That.
Those beers? No. THAT beers..
by David Carpenter April 30, 2008
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