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A contractual form of hypnosis which requires an absolute disclosure of each and every word that is to be spoken, declared truthfully and without alteration at time of performance, embedded in the body of a hold-harmless, liability acceptance contract which must be signed by the intended listener. This hypnosis method has been placed into the public domain as of February, 2003, so that it can be included in technology advances freely, such as in end user licensing agreements (EULA) for inclusion in video games for adding belief system altering logic to such software.
The scrypnosis allowed her to believe that she was in the movie and that it was totally real.
by David Brager November 09, 2003
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The most simplified and concise scrypnosis logic discourse allowing the most change and growth in the least amount of time.
To achieve the higher highs without drugs, he use the scrypnosis euphoia BAIO.
by David Brager November 09, 2003
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