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1 definition by David Bq

A Stonecold Susan is the act of Ultimate anal pleasure. One Must lie down in a 69 position with one's partner on top of, or below them, and each partner must have one or several cubes of ice. Each partner then rubs the ice cubes around the surface of the other's partners' anus, until it becomes numb. When this step is complete, each partner must give the other a Rim Job until desired anal pleasure is achieved.
My wife and I were looking for something new to spice up our sex lives, nothing compared to the extreme pleasure of a Stonecold Susan, It caused both me and my wife to scream uncontrolably!


My girlfriend and I gave each other a Stonecold Susan last night. I got so excited I released some Fecal matter on her forehead! Its a good thing all she cared about was the extreme anal pleasure she was experiencing! It is a must have in anyone's sex lives!
by David Bq March 28, 2006
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