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1) Microsoft's latest - and perhaps last - major operating system upgrade (unless you count its legendary "service packs" as upgrades)

2) A not so clever copy of Apple Mac's operating system

3) The latest evidence that Bill Gates is losing his grip on sanity

4) A bizarre suicidal move that may be recalled by future generations as "Hasta la Vista, Microsoft"

1) To self-destruct

2) To copy another software program
The Seattle Mafia may celebrate Vista, but most people around the world regard it as a mechanical version of George W. Bush.

Bill Gates: Shall we Vista another Mac program, or shall we try our hand at innovation this time around?
by David Blomstrom March 03, 2007
An increasingly popular term for a global economic crisis generally blamed on corporate corruption based in the U.S., especially under President George W. Bush, though its full impact will occur after Bush's departure from public office. As of January 2009, it isn't certain whether the crisis will equal or even surpass the original Great Depression in severity, though comparing the two events is akin to comparing apples and oranges.
The global economic crisis that many are referring to as Great Depression II has been variously blamed on corporate corruption, globalization, capitalism, George W. Bush and greed and stupidity, all of which are coincidentally associated with Bill Gates, whose public relations team ironically promotes as a philanthropist.
by David Blomstrom January 31, 2009
1. online rallying center for assorted liberals, progressives and left-leaning independents that are fed up with the Democratic Party's right-wing tilt - and prove it by campaigning for right-wing candidates like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton<br>
2. a wet dream for Seattle's liberal peace pussies, who prefer to rant about a problem rather than lift a finger to fix it
3. hypocritical online forum that criticizes Republican corruption while ignoring the sins of the National Education Association, which supports the corrupt Democratic Party
Democratic Underground is a great place to keep up on current events and pick up some cool political nicknames, insults or one-liners. Now if I could just find a collection of armchair politicians who are interested in fixing a problem or two...
by David Blomstrom May 15, 2006
A not surprisingly crappy browser created by Microsoft, apparently for the purpose of making web designers' jobs twice as hard, largely because of Bill Gates' arrogant disdain for any standards but his own.
Shall we continue investing our time in writing "hacks" to make our web pages display properly in Internet Explorer, or shall we just start designing for quality browsers instead?
by David Blomstrom March 03, 2007
The long version of M$; one of the most popular nicknames for Microsoft, a key member of the Seattle Mafia.
So how many consumers will Micro$oft screw today?
by David Blomstrom October 03, 2007
nickname for contemporary members of the Democratic Party, who have sold out to the increasingly fascist Republican Party just as the Vichy French collaborated with the Nazis
The Vichy Democrats include all Democratic officials who voted to invade Iraq - in other words, just about everyone except Senator Paul Wellstone, who died in a mysterious plane crash.
by David Blomstrom May 15, 2006
1. official name of one of the world's most powerful and corrupt corporations, increasingly known as Microshaft, Microshit, Mickeysoft or simply M$<br>
2. corporation known for making unbelievably crappy software, then shoving it down consumers' throats, screwing competitors and taxpayers and exploiting public school students in the process<br>
3. corporation founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two of the world's richest assholes and virtual monarchs of the corporate brothel called Seattle<br>
4. mega-corporation that can't handle real competition
5. powerful member of the Seattle Mafia
If it weren't for software bug fixes and virus advice, Microsoft's website traffic might slow to a crawl.
by David Blomstrom May 15, 2006
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