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Somone who lives their life according to fate, accepting the outcomes as the only possible course of events, and does not think about what MAY have been IF something else happened.

Opposite: un-fater
it is easier to exemplify un-fater:

person 1: "If I bought that lottery ticket I would have been able to go on a huge overseas holiday"
person 2(fater): "You are SUCH an un-fater"
by David Bellingham June 11, 2008
an un-fater is someone who considers all the what would have beens, and does not recognise that there is only one possible sequence of events through time.
an un-fater would say: "If I caught that bus I would have been on time for work"

whereas a fater realises that this option should not even be considered as fate would have it that the next bus is to be caught as there are infinite unforeseen events that could occur.
by David Bellingham June 11, 2008
Someone who recognises the eliteness and purity of Mathematics and lives their life according to these principles, giving over part of their decision making ability away from rational thinking and towards probability.
80% of my mind wants to go swimming, but 20% wants to go for a run, instead of being rational and choosing 80%, a Milther would put 5 pieces of paper in a hat, 4 that say swimming, 1 that says running, and then would select one at random and do whatever that said.
by David Bellingham June 11, 2008
To Milth - is living your life as a Milther - see Milther.
see Milther for an example of Milthing
by David Bellingham June 11, 2008

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