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(The sex) To be awesome and to pwn on many different levels.
"Have you seen David play Starcraft?"
"Dude, he is so cool, that guy is teh secks!"
by David Altena September 08, 2006
A combination of Hannukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa used to refer to the time between Thanksgiving and New Years.
David: Hey, happy Hanuchristmakwanzakah!
Random Girl: What did you just say to me?
by David Altena November 25, 2007
Anti-howdy is how one says goodbye to a hick.
Billybob: See y'all later
You: Anti-howdy
Billybob: Yep Anti-howdy to you too.
by David Altena December 13, 2006
One is so patriotic that they would gladly mate with the American flag.
Stephen Colbert is a flagaphile.
by David Altena April 18, 2007

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