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1 definition by David A. Archer

aka Modern "Playa's"

A Turd Burglar is the type of person that seems like they are always on the scam. The type of person just waiting for someone NOT to be paying attention so as to gain possession and/or credit for something that isn't theirs.

Turd Burglars are the type that lay claim to someone else's creative work for the purpose of claiming the credit to it's success.

You will never find a Turd Burglar around an idea that is failed. They are also the first to bail on something when it isn't looking like it might be a success.

Turd Burglars look for opportunity of that quick gain.

At anyones expense except theirs. Turd Burglars do NOT invest in anything. They "Burgle Turds."
If you have ever met a "Turd Burglar," you most certainly will know.
by David A. Archer October 05, 2005