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If sex was turned into a type of food and sprinkled with god then a sarbeni is what you would get. Quite possibly the finest thing to come from Turkey. Basically its a piece of (holy) pita bread filled with either "chicken and cheese" or "Pepperoni" or the filling of your choice. The special sauce is also a must. The finest example of a sarbeni is available at the "Best Kebab" shop in Glasgow.
I ate a sarbeni and ejaculated cause it was so good.
by David "Sarbeni" MacDonald January 13, 2004
Quite possibly the finest place on the planet. You may purchase a Sarbeni here. Pure class.
Reg walked into the best kebab shop and ordered a peperoni sarbeni but shearer ordered a chicken and cheese sarbeni.
by David "Sarbeni" MacDonald November 17, 2003
Cunted. Extremely drunk with the intent to pull some fine assed women (or so they seem with the beer goggles on).
"I'm razzled lads!" exclaimed the man as he drunkenly fingered an ugly burd.
by David "Sarbeni" MacDonald October 03, 2006
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