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Any web site where, upon entry, hours of time collapse, sucked into infinity as you struggle to break free from the mesmerizing yet senseless, non-productive locale. Often seemingly innocuous on the outside and discovered quite by accident, Cyberspace Black Holes are known to cause unaccountable absences from work, school and important events, and should be considered particularly dangerous for the time-constrained and those who wish to keep their jobs.
After Billy had missed a week of work and no one had heard from him, police broke down his door fearing foul play only to find him sitting at his computer, dehydrated and malnourished but alive, laughing hysterically as he scrolled page after page of the Cyberspace Black Hole he had entered eight days earlier.
#hypnotized #blackhole #oblivion #transcendental #aol-ic
by David,FatrCat November 12, 2009
A person who signs up for internet service 'just for the convenience of email' who's friends and family soon begin planning an intervention to help them realize that the person is in total denial and unaware that they have become addicted to being online. Classic symptoms and changes in habit include withdrawal from outdoor activities, decline in personal hygiene, inability to keep appointments on time, dark circles under the eyes, and a propensity to run towards a computer every time a doorbell rings.
When Billy declined the free month-long vacation sailing the Caribbean with his family citing "spotty broadband access" as unacceptable living conditions, they could no longer look the other way; Billy was an AOL-ic.
#addiction #denial #chat room fixture #surfaholic #pc zombie
by David,FatrCat November 12, 2009
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