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A "sculpture" sold in Stuckey's gas stations in the 1970s. The "bird" was composed of a dried piece of dung with toothpick legs, googly eyes, little feather wings and a plastic beak.

These "sculptures" stood upon a small plastic base that featured the words "turd bird" preceded by the name of the state in which one purchased the item. Thus, if traveling through Montana, one could purchase a Montana Turd Bird, and when one reached Wyoming, one could stop at a Stuckey's and purchase a Wyoming Turd Bird. The poosibilities were endless.

I've been to all 48 contiguous states and I have a Turd Bird from every one of them to prove it.

I'm so depressed, I just found out they don't have Stuckey's in Hawaii. I so wanted a Hawaiian Turd Bird.
by Dave of the Dean November 29, 2008

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