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MS13 is the most brutal gang in America. It has many members and is spreading like wild-fire across America. MS-13 stands for Mara Salvatrucha which is Spanish for "Street Tough Salvadoran Posse". The number 13 is synonomous with any Latino gang. The process for initian requires the inductee to undergo 13 seconds of beat down (the inductee is not allowed to protect himself in any way).
MS-13 Member #1- "Hey chico, lets go rape us some chiquitas"

MS-13 Member #2- "Good idea man, that is an excellent way for us dirty Spics to pay back the nation that gave us our basic freedoms and rights."
by Dave Singleman March 31, 2005
When two females bump their breasts against each other's as a symbol of friendship, accomplishment, or joy. Much like when two males chest bump.
Cara and Kristin gave eachother high two when they got A's on their test, much to the delight of their male 3rd grade teacher.
by Dave Singleman March 31, 2005
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