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Used to describe something both very good and equally addicting.
"Say, #2, have you tried this new burger?"
"Can't say I have, #1. Will it satisfy my hunger."
"Oh, without a doubt, friend. This burger is better than heroin."
"Is that so? Well, perhaps it will take care of these black marks on my arm."
by Dave Rapp August 05, 2005
A contract movie is a movie so emasculating, that if a guy is talked into seeing it with a female (since let's face it, that's the only way), it says in writing that the guy is getting action. That way, she can either make good on the contract or said guy can sue for breach of contract. Either way, he's getting reimbursed for seeing that piece of crap.
How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Steel Magnolias
Armageddon (yes, Armageddon...but you wouldn't think so)
by Dave Rapp June 23, 2005
A term to describe when someone is acting or being exceptionally stupid. Used when short bus is just not strong enough.
The origin is of course from America's current and worst President ever. The term is used when something is so irritatingly dumb it could only come from Bush and his cabinet.
*Often shortened to "B.A." or "B.A. Special"
1. "So you're condemning stem cell research because it destroys new life to prolong old life, but you support the war? Man, that's just B.A."
2. "Johnny Knoxville's pretty short bus, but Britney's just B.A. special."
by Dave Rapp August 05, 2005

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