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Variation of the English word Trouser, i.e. A Mans pants.
It's generally used in a sexual nature giving way to what a mans Trousers Cover up, i.e. the male genitalia.
It could also be explained as a corruption of the phrase "One eyed Trouser Snake" Which refers to a mans Wang.
I was playing cricket yesterday and The ball hit me dead set in the Trousha.

That Chick last night wouldn't give me that time of Day so I grabbed her hand and put it on my Trousha.

Does anyone want to touch my Trousha.

That Guy is a dirty Trousha

Thank your mum for cleaning my Trousha

I told that chick to suck my trousha even though she looked like a smashed bag of assholes
by Dave Hodgo July 02, 2006

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