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Short for Federal Express. You know the postal service. I saw it on TV.
I'm going to send the package Fed-Ex.
by Dave Greer November 16, 2006
1. We have to face reality the way it is. 2. We'll have to face the consequences of what we have done. 3.We'll have to face the consequences as to what others have done. Source. You guessed it. Water pollution.
We've really messed up now and Dad is going to really be mad at us. I guess that's the kind of water we're gonna have to drink.
by Dave Greer February 21, 2008
This is the situation the way it really is
and we have to learn live with it, like it or not.
Source? You guessed it the big
to do about water pollution.
We've really messed up now and Dad will be pissed. I guess that's the kind of water we're gonna have to drink.
by Dave Greer February 19, 2008
Looking at life or things with a different frame,or referrence of mind or a different attitude. Looking bat things in a different way.
Source: The idea that how one person sees colors like red or green or blue or any other color may be very different from how another person sees it. The fact that with DNA testing, scientists can tell differences in how people are genetically programmed to perceive things like sight, colors, hearing sound, odors, tastes, touches, emotions, feelings etc...
"Nice day today," said Dave.
"Are you kidding this is a dreary cold rainy day." said John.
"Any day can be a nice day if you let it be," said Dave.
"Ah yes Dave sees life through a different set of colors," said Mary.

by Dave Greer March 18, 2008
Need for a change. Time to change old or bad habits. Time to make a change. Source: A phrase I coined at the hospital when I was changing some bad habits that were harming my health and well being.
My life working this this job is dull and boring. Time to put a new number in the clock. I'll quit my job and go into business for myself owning my own pet store.
by Dave Greer March 04, 2008
Little insignificant little things or
jobs a person might do. Kind of piddling around doing little things.
I'll do whatever I can to help with whatever little plunky little things I might be able to do but my budget is limited right now.
by Dave Greer September 24, 2008
a person's head and/or his brains
Using his kinoggin to solve a problem.
or That bump on my kinoggin really hurts
by Dave Greer June 15, 2007

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