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Both vindictive and malicious.
Jill was pissed that Jack blew her off to go fishing. When he got home she broke all of his fishing poles, man that was vindicious.
by Dave B May 26, 2008
Leaving any type of function, usually a party or get together with friends, without saying good bye. Often used to avoid staying out until 5 a.m.
Big Joe: I think Chuck Liddell is fighting tonight.

Andrea: Ask Dave, he would know.

Tucci: Good luck finding him, I think Dave pulled the ol' backdoor shuffle about 20 minutes ago.
by Dave B September 02, 2008
A disoriented state usually preceded by a rough night of partying in Mexico.
Joe: We were in downtown Playa del Carmen until 5am, it's insane over there.

Kerry: It's 2 in the afternoon, where is everyone now?

Joe: They're in their rooms suffering form mexicomas.

by Dave B August 07, 2008
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