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adjective. Describes any particularly juicy / amusing gossip. Generally used as a complimentary term, in contrast to the more negative bantasgusting.
These stories about Matt and Amy last night are bantalicious! Tell me more!
by Dave (I hate God) February 28, 2009
adjective. Used to describe gossip or jokes that whilst possibly amusing might also be considered tasteless / inappropriate / a desperately poor attempt at humour - in fact just anything that isn't bantalicious.
"Did you hear what happened to Oli in Shelina's room?"

"I'm not sure I want to, if it's as bantasgusting as last time"
by Dave (I hate God) February 28, 2009
1. Any sexual activity, specifically that of the rough 'n' ready nature - a "quick bonk".

2. A piss-easy maths course taken by proven softies.

"Oli, what are you up to this afternoon?"
"I'm going to Matt's room to do some QB"
by Dave (I hate God) February 28, 2009
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