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1. A pussy so fat it look like a hamburger.

2. A fat unhealthy pussy (yeast) McPussy with Cheese
Ol' girl look a lil' chunky in da club, but when i got her to da crib I see she got a McPussy! Man, good thing I love me some hamburgers.
by Dat Gal June 04, 2009
1. An annoying feeling.

2. A person getting on your nerves
3. A feeling that isn't right.

4. A person that is not quite trippin, but almost there.
1. That mequito bite is buggin' for real.
2. Someone needs to get that kid, he is buggin'.
3. Man, somethin' is buggin'... i think i forgot to pay the water bill.
4. My husband talkin bout, "where u been?".
by Dat Gal June 04, 2009
1. a stank smell of butt or randidity -- used as a description.----> "smell like ...."

2. used to describe dirty intercourse with a dirty girl
Ol' boy be smellin like ba-dussy when he get home. Even his car stank. Ima call that caddy of his a ba-duss bus. He betta not be doin the ba-duss up in there.
by Dat Gal June 05, 2009
short for pee pee, not a penis but a vagina, word shared between friends as in code.
girl 1: " why u keep twitchin' like that?"
girl 2: "my peep be buggin'."
girl 1: "what?"
girl 2: "my peep be buggin' cuz it got beat up last night!"
girl 1: " ur peep got beat up?"
girl 2: "hell, yeah, and it was so good."
by Dat Gal June 04, 2009
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