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noun . A Leery Nigel refers to a male of around 18 years old. Who is often something of a recluse and shyes away from society into his darkened room to play on computer games and undress his Night Elf on WOW. His interests include warhammar and other Geekish references. He lives off Hentai and worships anything Japanese. Cannot control or integrate himself around females of any kind; human or otherwise. His affections come across as overbearing and are untamed. His advances often come about from misunderstood friendships and are often unwanted.
... oh my God , did Grant just try and kiss you ?

... yeah he's been a total Leery Nigel ever since i just saw that movie with him and told him he was a nice guy...i like him just as a friend , nothing more...
by Darth_vader's_Hispanic_Maid May 11, 2011

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