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A person who gives credence to proverbs.
Monica Lewinsky: "Oh golly, Bill, you're ready for another already?"
Bill: "Now, Monica (honey), they have a saying here at the White House, that goes, 'One swallow doesn't make a Summer'."
by Darkmatter888 August 06, 2007
a summation of the effect of a person's actions being less than desirable and having a less than desirable resulting to them self.
yo ... that mof who cut in front of me on the freeway ended up hitting the barrier. that's mofoetic justice!
by darkmatter888 May 27, 2008
A belief in inconvenient truths
Hey, that scientist reckons the oceans are going to rise by 30 feet. He's gorgeous!
by Darkmatter888 August 06, 2007

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