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A cult Japanese television show wherein a trio of world-renowed chefs (a quartet later in the show), each a master a particular culinary style of cooking, would do "battle" against challenger chefs from around the world to see who could create the most innovative and delectable dishes from a randomly chosen theme ingredient. The show ended its six-year run in late 1999, but is still aired in syndication on the Food Network.

Also, special once-a-year episodes are still being produced. The Morimoto/Bobby Flay battle in New York City is a prime example.
Original Iron Chef Japanese: Rokusaburo Michiba

Second Iron Chef Japanese: Komei Nakamura

Third Iron Chef Japanese: Masaharu Morimoto

Original Iron Chef French: Yutake Ishinabe

Second Iron Chef French: Hiroyuki Sakai

Iron Chef Italian: Masahiko Kobe

Iron Chef Chinese: Kenichi Chin ("Chen Kenichi" is the result of horrible dubbing, in case you're wondering about that)
by Darkest Days May 20, 2003
A great industrial band hailing from my hometown of Chicago. Although their current self-titled album is kind of cool, it blows in comparison to their others: "Ungod", "Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel", and "Darkest Days".
"...My rage.... My pain... I hate... My darkest days... My darkest days..."

"Everything I touch, I break..."
by Darkest Days May 10, 2003
To take a huge stinking shit.
Goddamn Mexican food... I have to push brown really bad.
by Darkest Days April 20, 2003

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