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OUR (everyone that rolls) response to what the skater fags thought they could call us that would piss us off. Only we don't give a fuck about being called fruit booters, but it sure as hell is funny shit to see how pissed they get in their emo pants and fake Chuck Taylor's when they hear the term "wood pusher".

Someone that really needs to stop destroying the environment in order to solicit an already OVERLY commercial sport. They're not even underground anymore despite what their god Tony Hawk tries to sell them.

Someone that's jealous because they realize how hard it actually is to hit something that's waxed and make it look good. Wood pushers can't hit kink rails over two stairs high, and the only thing that remains "extreme" in their sport is trying to make the next Tony Hawk "Undergound" game.

Get used to it, you're all a bunch of wannabe sellouts that don't even understand what hardware is. At least in our sport we get along with each other no matter what social clique we fall into.
Bobbie - "You're a gay ass fruit booter!"
Tommy - "So? Stop destroying the environment you fucking wood pusher! At least we are recognized as having the only true remaining underground sport. Hah!"


Bobbie - "You're a gay ass fruit booter, skater fag!"
Tommy - "Correction, YOU'RE the skater fag, wood pusher! You're just jealous because our sport actually takes practice and talent to pull off, not to mention it's MUCH more impressive to the ladies!"
by DarkSoulOfTragedy February 23, 2006

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