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A HOE TERM: Any word or phrase used in a sentence or as an expression where the meaning can be interpreted loosely, as loose as a hookers vagina.
Cousin 1: So, I know you've had some slight misfortunes or small mishaps in your life, I mean really, if I didn't know you or witness half of this shit, I'd think someone was making all these tiny infractions. I'd hate to see what happens if you had a big tragedy.

Me: SMALL MISHAPS?? TINY INFRACTIONS?? SLIGHT MISFORTUNES?!!! These are HOE TERMS!!! How many tiny infractions and small mishaps do I actually need to have before its considered a TRAGEDY?!!My whole adult life thus far is a big ass tragedy!! I've got more series of unfortunate events than Lemony Snicket!!!!



Girl 1: Hey, who's that girl in the picture with you??
Girl 2: Oh, I guess you can call her my "friend"
Girl 1: That's not the crazy bitch who told you your shoes were ugly then 2 days later she came to work with the same ones on??
Girl 2: Yea, I say friend "Loosely" she's crazy
Girl 1: Ahh, Hoe Term.

Ex. 2
Her: Life is what you make it, you can't live your life as aPessimist, looking at the glass as only half empty! When life gives you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE!!

Me: OH SHUT THE HELL UP!! LIfe sucks!! You know it sucks! I just lost my job!! How about you try being unemployed for a while you dick! And you suck too for trying to sugar coat it with HOE TERMS!!
by Dark Muse September 20, 2011
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