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Frugal Christian Pilgrim. One of the Christian faith who has demonstrated a proclivity to frugality and the accumulation of wealth. Characterized by financially wise housing, transportation, and life style choices. Not prone to gluttonous spending or consumption, although FCPs tend to maintain very high standards of living.

Due to earlier variants of the term, and shades of meaning, FCP has evolved carry a diversity of connotations although all revolve about the mainstay of frugal Christianity.

FCP can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Dude, Oliver makes that much money and still drives a Ford Taurus? Must be an FCP!

Only an FCP would live here! (referring to a cheap apartment)

Hey CJ what color is your truck? Rust? Naw, I'm just FCP-ing for a while!
by Darius Rex July 10, 2008
Big Fat Loser. Taken literally it is a derogatory term. Refers to individuals who are overweight and under-employed. Figuratively, it is anyone who is acting stingy, selfish, lazy and/or is habitually single because of these characteristics.

Synonym: Chump
"Dude, Chuck went to Vegas with us but just watched TV all day and didn't even chip in on the Hotel. What a BFL."
by Darius Rex January 21, 2009

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