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The look you get from someone when you walk into a place of worship and they don't verbally say it, but they kind of tilt the head to the side and raise the eyebrows as if to say "hello and hallelujah" at the same time.
If it happens any other place it is simply a "hello" or other acknowledgment. But when you're in a place of worship, there's the extra glow in the face and it becomes a "smileyllujah" instead.
The usher gave me a nice, warm smileyllujah when I walked into service this morning.
by Darian Lowe February 14, 2009
A girl who dates a guy for any ulterior motive. (car, money, house, fame, etc.)
You have a heat seeker on your trail. She knows you'll be successful, so be careful not to let her "wife you down" unless you feel she's sincere. You don't want to buy a toll booth.
by Darian Lowe February 14, 2009
A woman who sleeps with or pursues men for things or money. She is a step down from a prostitutes, but almost the same.

Girls who would date an ugly, rich guy with no character before dating a nice guy.

A girl who dates, flirts with, or runs game on unsuspecting men to try to get pocket money, nails done, rent paid, car fixed, hair done, etc.

Note: The guy doesn't have to be ugly or have bad character, but for the woman, money is the deciding factor of her interest; no if(s), and(s), or but(s) about it.
She has been constantly in my face since she heard about my new job. She is borderline "toll-boothing" it tonight. (verb form)

Beware; that cute little shorty is a toll booth. She's definitely a heat seeker.
by Darian Lowe February 14, 2009

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