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When an elder member of the human race doesn't feel the need to wait in line. (usually a buffet of some type) Either because their time is running out, or they have given up on any social grace.
My goodness was that an eldercut....did that old person just cut in front of me at the buffet line? Well, I guess I will let them get away with it, because they can't hear me anyway.
by Daren Strange December 05, 2005
What happens after repeated thrusting and licking by Daren.
Oh my god, Daren, you just made me silviasm.
by Daren Strange April 10, 2005
not high, crispiness.
smooth. you catch on to stuff faster because you are crisp. you can hold on to a couple of conversations, and be ready to break into any of them because you can. not necessarily a good thing. right before you shoot your load.
by Daren Strange December 13, 2006

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