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3 definitions by DannyGLD

The world's best ever film, Arnold Schwarzenegger's first ever. He can't even speak english but just goes around New York being hard and muscly like a fucking psycho.

Also he fights a bear.
hero: Mate have you seen Hercules In New York?
twat: No what is it?
hero: You're dead to me you fucking cunt.
by DannyGLD February 20, 2008
Something that is both brootal and brilliant at the same time.
GLD member: "Dude did you see me plough that girl's asshole?"

Other guy: "Yeah man it was fucking brooliant."
by DannyGLD October 24, 2008
An abomination of a nightclub in the backstreets of Hull, Yorkshire. Full of underage girls and the who's who of human shit. Drinks are cheap as fuck, mainly grimy alcohol in various cocktails full of sugar.

However, for those who like to get wasted and air guitar like heroes, it is a place to GET INVOLVED.
Spiders Nightclub

"Alright mate hows it going? you were wasted last week!"

"who the fuck are you, get out my face i'm getting a drink"
by DannyGLD April 10, 2008