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A Bidet(pronounced Bee-Day), shoots a jetstream of water up towards one's asshole to cleanse the anus after a nasty shit. Now, one uses a Bidet and closes off the drain. He or she then lets the ass-water marinate for several minutes and serves at room temperature.
My girlfriend's dog bit me so I gave that hound a Bidet Buffett.
by Danny P February 12, 2006
Tony's (aka Balb) understanding of the world and the way it works, including his style of thinking, talking, typing, and most importantly, Tony Classics...

Has once been refered to as a separate religion, Balboaism.
"I'm just goin to have to dissapoint ur day" - Tony Classic originated from his chaos theory
by Danny P December 04, 2005
When Two Gay or Lesbian People get Married in a Recoginized State or Country or Proviance
by Danny P October 30, 2003
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